About Rabka


Rabka is Poland’s only spa whose range of services was designed especially for children. Located here are not only magnificent sanatoriums running their own schools, but also numerous hotels and boarding houses that accommodate approximately 10,000 of children with their parents.

Visitors and patients have the huge Zdrojowy Park at their disposal, with fantastically furnished playground, a modern amphitheatre, and the seat of the Rabcio: a doll theatre known and highly estimated all over Poland. Situated just 5 km away, Chabówka, is home to Poland’s largest open-air rolling stock heritage park. You can leave that “railway museum” in a vintage train drawn by a real steam locomotive to take a ride along the Raba River. In Rabka, you are surrounded by the gentle slopes of the Gorce, whose ridges command beautiful views of the Tatras: an ideal place for the whole family to go into the mountains.

Thus Rabka is an opportunity for children and entire families not only to enjoy great leisure but also to have fantastic fun. The city is perfect for weekend outings too, as it is perfectly connected to Kraków lying only 50 km away. For more information, visit the city’s official website: www.rabka.pl



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