festiwalAbout the Festival


  • Rabka Festival is Poland’s only literary festival held in a spa designed especially for children.
  • People from all over Poland and abroad come here to relax, which creates the opportunity to get to know one another and make friends.
  • For many families with children, a holiday in Rabka is the only opportunity in the year to have time for one another, do interesting things together, and to read and become familiar with various forms of art.
  • Guests of the festival are eminent artists who find their visit to Rabka not only a time for meeting with the readers but also an opportunity to talk to one another and find mutual inspiration which gives birth to appealing artistic projects.
  • The Festival is also an opportunity to become familiar with the extremely inspiring artists operating in Rabka. Thanks to these meetings, we may not only learn their skills and tricks in writing, acting, painting, and making music and films – but also become better acquainted with both the characteristic traits of the region and its richness and variety.
  • During the festival meetings, we make sure that children are not passive onlookers but have an opportunity to create, and to see for themselves that everyone can be creative if only they believe in themselves and dare develop their talents.
  • The motto of this year’s festival is ku wielkiej przygodzietowards the great adventure. We want to show that every one of us can experience great adventures, if we only dare to dream and persistently follow on our dreams.




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